Marine Consulting

Port Function Analysis

Assessment of Safe Shiphandling

The simulator can

  • describe the completed structural image of a planned port or private berth on the screen and allow experimental ship-handling under the same conditions as in actual operation.
  • reproduce the physical influence of winds, tides, waves and shallow water/bank effects as authentically as possible.
  • enable us to assess the psycological effect on the trainees induced by the measures outlined above.

Thus we can offer the total assessment for safe ship-handling.

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Assessment of Harbor View and Blind Zone Influence

An offshore airport, a bridge, or other large structures that are under construction at the harbor, can be described on the screen with their completed structural image;
thus it is possible to assess clearly and accurately the changes in harbor view or blind zone influence.

Present landscape(without bridge) > Landscape that it is to be(after bridge in complete)

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Assessment of Traffic Environment

The simulator will contribute to a safer, more efficient marine traffic system by reproducing congested traffic conditions as well as Vessel Traffic Service(VTS) and Automatic Identification System(AIS).

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