Product Sales

Product Sales

We offer maritime-related products based on our extensive marine engineering technologies.

Educational DVDs

We offer educational materials useful in training seafarers effectively.

How to order
Please send an e-mail to the address below with the following data.
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2.Shipping address (Company name, address & telephone number)
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Order by telephone is acceptable.
The bill will be shipped with products. (Shipping fee is not included in the price.)
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The Best Seamanship
(A Guide to Deck Skills)

The Best Seamanship
(A Guide to Engine Skills)

Ballast operations
-Practical Operator-

Onboard Electrical
-Their Structures and
Safe Handling-
¥10,000 ¥10,000 ¥4,500 ¥10,000


Work-related injuries

Work-related injuries Ⅱ

Work-related injuries Ⅲ
¥10,000 ¥4,500 ¥4,500 ¥4,500

Work-related injuries Ⅳ
-Positive Feedback-

Work-related injuries Ⅴ
-Feel the Danger-
¥4,500 ¥4,500

Loading calculation software

We provide loading calculation software that is compatible with all maritime regulations and guidelines and meets the precise requirements of ship class associations.
MOL Marine Consulting offers a package of services including information gathering, arrangement of hardware and ship class inspection, on-board installation, and instruction for seafarers, in addition to comprehensive after-sale service.

Simulator for tanker loading/discharging training

MOL has comprehensive marine engineering know-how accumulated over decades of tanker operations
MOL has one of the world’s largest crude oil tanker fleet and takes every effort to ensure safety. This simulator integrates MOL’s 120 years of experience in tanker operation. (Utility model registered and applied pending, program registered)
The simulator reproduces a range of vessel operations and environments, replicating front-line shiphandling techniques.
The MOL tanker simulator is controlled by the same console used in actual crude oil loading/discharging operations and local operation board. For added realism, the system incorporates pump sound effects under both normal and abnormal conditions. Thanks to the simulator, crews can train under virtually the same conditions they will experience at sea, greatly enhancing their learning experience. Simulator training prevents accidents and boosts the overall efficiency of tanker loading/discharging operations.

Tanker Simulator Components

  • 1Cargo Control Console
    The cargo control console is a fully functioning replica of the cargo control console and monitor found on a modern very large crude carrier (VLCC). It perfectly enables trainees to operate valves and pumps under the same conditions as well as actual VLCC.
  • 2Local Operation Board
    The local operation board shows the piping diagram in the pump room and on the upper deck, enabling trainees to monitor and operate local valves.
  • 3Instructors PC
    A personal computer allows the instructor to control simulator operation, and allows input of different conditions, including malfunctions and emergency situations.
  • 4Calculator PC
    The calculator PC transmits and displays the pressure and level of each tank, and vessel's stability according to the input from the cargo control console and the instructor's PC.

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